Alaska's Winter Horizon

Alaska's Winter Horizon

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Wednesday, March 3rd

Nice day today. Didn't seem to be as cold, got up to 37. It quickly froze again after dark. We did enjoy 10 hours 43 minutes of sunlight today.
The bronze sculpture pictured to the left is located in front of the Anchorage Museum. We haven't visited the museum yet. They have a Star Wars exhibit going on right now. Some of the original props for the movies are on display. In fact, we think we saw Chewbacca tonight on the street. The sculpture is named "Earth, Sea, Sky, Cycles of Alaska Seasons". I pass it everyday as I walk to the Post Office.

I also go right by the bronze sculpture of Balto. His route will be recreated this weekend as the Iditarod race begins.

After work, Greg and I rode the bus out to get a few groceries. I absolutely love the fact that there is no sales tax here. That is a definite plus to living here. We saved quite a bit on this laptop the other night. However, things are a little more expensive. For example, Diet Coke is $1.87 for a 2 liter bottle.

After a delicious dinner at Taco King, we cautiously slipped across the frozen parking lots to the bus stop. Didn't make any new friends tonight thankfully.

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