Alaska's Winter Horizon

Alaska's Winter Horizon

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Saturday, March 13th

Nice and sunny day here in Anchorage. Even though it was still cold, in the mid 20s, it was a delightful day. We rode the bus out to a Fred Meyers store. This is a very nice store, kinda like a Super Wal-Mart, but feels a little classier. They have everything you need, from groceries to electronics. You can even have your paint mixed here and shop for fine jewelry. Supposedly, Fred Meyers was a peddler who took his wares out to the mining camps and such. Then he decided it would be better to have the miners and trappers come to one place. So he set up shop and the rest is history. They are part of the Kroger family now.

Greg bought himself a new jacket here. It is a windproof, water resistant, and insulated coat. It has plenty of pockets for gum, cigs, chap-stick, guide books, and maps. Get this- he had never purchased a coat for himself before in his life!!! All his other coats had been gifts or hand-me-downs. But today, with that extra 40% sign above the rack, he treated himself to a nice and practical purchase.

After lunch in the Meyers' deli, we trooped across the street to the Mall at Sears. The sidewalks and crossings are still slick and covered in ice and snow. This mall is like most malls in Alaska- small. It does have a giant Sears store, Hallmark store, Claire's, Payless Shoe store, candy store, and a few other ladies fashion stores, shoe stores, etc. Attached to the mall is a Carr's/Safeway grocery store. This store reminds me of Leo's Spring St. Market in Cookeville or the Naifeh's in Covington, its like an old-fashioned kind of grocery store. We like to shop here as any purchases go toward our Alaska Airlines Miles.

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