Alaska's Winter Horizon

Alaska's Winter Horizon

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Finally, some fresh snow!

After several weeks, we finally saw snow again this Thursday and Friday. We probably got about 4 inches downtown by the time the little burst of snow was over. This is not even close to their forecast of up to 13 inches! Still, this was enough to make the landscape light and brighten things up a bit.
We are now back to over 7 hours of daylight a day and adding around 5 minutes of light each day to that.
 We decided to get out today and enjoy our new membership to the Alaska Botanical Garden that we received as a Christmas gift.
Thanks Scarbrough Family!

We took an unplanned sightseeing tour when we missed the turnoff for the garden.
There were a lot of people out in the nearby park enjoying the new snow.

We finally made our way back to the garden and walked around a bit.
But as the temp was below 0, we didn't stay out too long!

 The bitter cold is supposed to stick for several more days. Brrr.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

First Week Back

We enjoyed a few weeks in Tennessee with family and friends. Probably ate enough good Southern food to last me until my next trip down there in March. Temps varied anywhere from upper 30s to the mid 60s on our trip in TN. Once we got back here, we were met with our coldest weather of the season. It got down as low as 1 degree a few nights. There is still very little snow, we are probably around 2 feet below our average snowfall for the season. We have only had around 16 inches of snow so far, and little of that remains on the ground.
Today we went down to watch the ice sculptors create their art.

These artists are really amazing,
 especially to put so much work and effort into creating something so beautiful
 that is so temporary.

It is really hard to pick your favorite.

Very hard to decide!