Alaska's Winter Horizon

Alaska's Winter Horizon

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Beautiful Day in Seward

Wednesday morning, everyone got up early and headed to Seward for a boat tour of the Kenai Fjords. Greg, Lorrie, and Keith left the Seward Harbor aboard the Nanatak.
They boated out to Fox Island and had a delightful lunch of prime rib and salmon. None of them are big salmon fans but agreed it was pretty tasty.
They boarded the boat after lunch and it wasn't long before they spotted their first whale.
They did manage to see a total of four whales during the day. Never did manage to get a good clean shot of any of the whales. Greg did get a nice pic of one spouting and some fin and tail shots.
 It is always a thrill to see one of these magnificent humpback whales. They also saw puffins, eiders, eagles, and various other birds.

The boat cruised by a group of steller sea lions sunning on the rocks.

They happened to catch a glimpse of a jellyfish floating along doing whatever it is they do!
 Many otters frolic and relax in these waters. Greg think this one might be an older otter and he sure looks like he has a relaxing lifestyle.
They made it back to the Seward Harbor around 4:30. All of them truly enjoyed the tour having been blessed with a beautiful day and calm seas.
 Lorrie and Keith both wished they would have taken the all day tour instead. Maybe next time!
 On the way home to Anchorage on Thursday, the weather took a decidedly nasty turn with rain and cool temps. They did stop by Portage Lake and the visitor's center for a bit.
 Lorrie and Keith flew home the next afternoon. We all wished they had planned a few extra days to stay in Alaska. As usual, it went by way too quickly. Greg sure enjoyed having them visit. Special thanks to Lorrie for cooking while on her vacation!

Monday, August 8, 2016

Lorrie and Keith come to Alaska!

Lorrie and Keith arrived in Anchorage early Saturday morning, July 30th. After resting on Saturday, Greg, his sister Lorrie, and her husband Keith, headed to Denali on Sunday morning. They saw a couple of moose and met with a lot of road construction on the way. They got checked into their rooms at the White Moose Lodge in Healy later that afternoon. After enjoying a good dinner at the Salmon Bake, they drove into the park.
 They did manage to see a moose and her calf near Savage River. On Monday morning, they ate a nice breakfast at Rose's and traveled back into Denali National Park for the bus tour.
 All buses were booked until 1:30 so they walked around a bit and went to the Visitor Center. On the bus they were treated to seven bear sightings,

 including a mom with two cubs!
They also saw many caribou, including this one walking along the park road.

This was also their closest animal encounter of the day.

There were may Dall Sheep to be spotted, but they were too far away for a good picture.
 Luckily, this bus only traveled as far as Eielson Visitor Center.

Come to find out, a major mudslide that very afternoon closed the park road only about a mile beyond Eielson!

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Start of Summer

I'm out of school for the summer!
 I've just been resting up, doing a little housework, and working in the yard and garden.
 Everything has really taken off. 
Isn't this curious that there is only one poppy in the middle of the bright yellow ones?
 The Sitka rose is almost finished blooming for the season. We enjoyed its light sweet scent.
 Greg has been wrangling the raspberry bushes for weeks. They grew so tall and sent runners out everywhere.
 The mountain ash tree's flowers are gorgeous!

 Beautiful iris in the back borders.

 We are already eating radishes and leaf lettuces that we grew in the raised beds.

 The wonderful leaf lettuces!
I leave for holiday in Tennessee to do some traveling with my Mom and visit friends and family. Hopefully by the time I return, some of the other plants will be ready to harvest.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Meet Purry Mason!

After looking for a kitten for several weeks, we finally found the perfect one! We named our little kitten Purry Mason. It is about eight weeks old.
Amazingly sweet and completely spoiled. But it does have a tough life which consists of sleeping, playing, and eating! This covers 100% of Purry's day. We haven't  just stayed inside and played with the kitten all the time. We worked outside quite a bit this weekend.
 The weather has been absolutely perfect with temps in mid 60s to low 70s. It is so great to have a yard again. Just to be outside in the sun and breeze is exhilarating. Greg has a garden going featuring five raised beds.
 I've been trying to figure out just exactly what we have growing in the flower beds around the house. We thought we would just wait and see what came up in them. Some of these might be weeds for all I know but they sure are beautiful.

 We think these might be called woolly geraniums.

 Several of our fruit trees are also flowering.

 As you can see, this bed of carrots, leaf lettuces, head lettuce, and radishes has responded to the nice weather and the 17 hours of sunlight each day.

 The weather that comes with summers here makes the winters here worth the trouble.
 Life is good!