Alaska's Winter Horizon

Alaska's Winter Horizon

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Birthday Trip to Seward, Part 2

As you look at this entry's pictures, you'll see there is not a single fishing photo. That is because by the time we got our lines in the water, it started pouring down and never let up. That along with the high winds that suddenly appeared, made for an unpleasant and very short day of fishing. Even with rain jackets on, we both managed to get soaked and cold.
 Better luck next time!
Sunday morning we did scout out some other places to fish next time.
 This is the monument for Mile 1 of the Iditarod trail.
 We drove around the bay and took a few pics of Seward from the other side.
 You can really see how the town is between the water and mountains on such a slim strip of land.
 Did manage to get a couple of pictures of a moose hiding in a thicket.
 This will give you an idea of how hard it is to see them sometimes.
 Even though it was a fairly sunny day, you can still see that ice remains on some lakes.
The National Weather Service has declared this snow season to have the least snowfall on record. We usually average 75 inches of snow but this year we barely got 25 inches of snow. I will be flying down to visit family and friends for a few weeks. We have some adventures planned for mid June when I return!

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Birthday Trip to Seward

Drove down to Seward yesterday for my birthday.
 It rained from the time we left Anchorage until we arrived at our hotel. You learn not to let the weather deter any plans if you live in Alaska! We had a wonderful dinner last night. Yummy king crab dip and then fish and chips. Delightful. I got up and out this morning while Greg was getting ready.
 These pictures are of the mountains right across the street.
 There was a gorgeous duck in this lagoon. He kept diving into the water every time I tried to get his picture.
 Every Fourth of July they have a race up this mountain, Mount Marathon.
I got tired just looking up it. As you can tell, the leaves are finally appearing on the trees.
 Seward is nestled right up against these mountains
 with Resurrection Bay forming the border on the other side of this small town. More pictures later. Right now we are headed out to go fishing!

Monday, April 20, 2015

Spring Snow

Yesterday was a cool and windy day here in Anchorage. My friend, Doris, and I got out to do a little shopping.
The flag near Dimond Center was flying in the breeze and looked so pretty with those mountains as a backdrop.
 Today, however, it was cold and snowy. It snowed pretty much on and off all day. At times, huge fluffy snowflakes just floated down hitting the ground with a splat.
 Other times, small icy flakes rained down with a vengeance.
 It was beautiful to watch. I loved it!
 Greg wasn't so fond of this spring snow.
Here is Mr. Ready for Spring walking home from work. It was snowing so hard that I couldn't find him at times.
 As you can tell, all the snow melted as it hit the pavement.
 It did cover the brown grass with a white blanket for a bit. That has pretty much melted now. We haven't seen much snowfall this season. At one point, this year was in the lead for the least snow recorded in a season. I doubt today's precipitation did much to boost the level. Sure was pretty to watch!

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Another nice one!

Saturday my friend, Genevieve, and I got out and walked almost four miles on the Tony Knowles Coastal Trail and Chester Creek Trail. It was a beautiful afternoon with highs in the mid 40s. Many people were out walking, jogging, and riding those fat tire bikes along the route.
 We stopped for a minute to enjoy the beauty of Westchester Lagoon.
There were no ice hockey players out on the ice today as it has gotten too thin.
 It was so nice to enjoy some light and other subtle signs of spring.
This small creek still had some snow around it.
We had to walk through two tunnels and both of them were filled with snow and ice. The ducks seem to know the ice won't stay around much longer.
They didn't let it get in their way of an afternoon swim. As you can tell from this photo, the ice has really begun to melt in this small marshy area.
I know the pics aren't up to the usual professional detail and quality. Greg won't trust me out with the nice camera if he's not there to supervise! He had other afternoon plans and couldn't get out with me. Hopefully, he can get out next weekend and capture a few nice shots with his camera.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Beautiful Day

After not much of a real winter, spring has arrived in Alaska. We haven't had any more snow. This season it has only snowed about 20.5 inches. Not even two feet of snow!! Crazy. The way it has been lately, sunny and in the 40s every day, the outlook for any more snow doesn't seem too promising. By this point we are ready for some nice weather anyway.
 Today I got out during my lunchtime and rode out toward the airport.
Cook Inlet had some very small ice chunks floating in the current.
 I did manage to catch a couple pics of two bald eagles enjoying the afternoon sun.
 They were just perched in the tree surveying the surrounding area.
 It was quite an enjoyable break from work. Thanks Jen for driving me around and letting me enjoy the sunshine!

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Fur Rondy begins

It's Fur Rendezvous time again in Anchorage! Although you could barely tell it by looking around. We have had two-tenths of an inch of snow since we last blogged. This brings us to 20.5 inches for the season. Pitiful! As of right now, we are still at the second lowest snowfall totals for a season. We have about 2 months of winter left, so you never know. There has been so little snow that the sled dog races have been cancelled here. The ceremonial start for the Iditarod will still take place on Saturday. I hope they have enough snow stockpiled to make the course!
Last Saturday I took a few pictures of the Frostbite Footrace.
The costumes were as flamboyant as ever!
 This afternoon, Greg and I went down and took pictures of the snow sculptures.

With the temps being in the mid 30s lately,
 we were too late on a few of the sculptures.

Parts of some sculptures had melted and collapsed.
Here's my favorite. The Stay Puft marshmallow man!

 Here are some images from the movie Frozen. 

I'm headed out of here for Spring Break so we'll have to catch up later!