Alaska's Winter Horizon

Alaska's Winter Horizon

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Homer, Day 2

During Greg and Jenifer's stroll on the beach, they spotted an eagle that allowed them to get really close for some awesome pictures. 
 It is truly a beautiful place in which you can see wildlife in such a great setting.

 The next morning, they got up quite early for their halibut fishing charter. They left from this harbor around 7 a.m. and were fishing by 8 a.m.
 Greg caught his first fish within 2 minutes of dropping his line in the water! He was the first person on the boat to catch a fish! Being a little too self-assured, he released this first fish which actually turned out to be his largest catch of the day.
 Regulations on the chartered boats only allow you to keep one fish over 29 inches. You can also keep one under 29 inches.
 Jenifer fell into the same trap, quickly catching the second halibut on the boat. She also released it and it unfortunately turned out to be the largest fish she caught that day! If only I had been aboard to be the voice of reason for these two! Luckily, they still ended up with at least 15 pounds of fish fillets. Jenifer caught a total of three halibut and chose to keep this one.
 Jenifer caught the only Pacific cod of the day! It weighed around 10 pounds. She did keep this one.
 Greg caught a total of eight halibut and kept two. Here he is with a sculpin he caught. They both caught several of these fish as well as a few Irish Lords.
 They did have a great time and all 22 passengers aboard the Sizzler caught their limit. Next time, they decided they would charter for an all day trip that allows them to catch halibut and other species.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Tuesday's drive down to Homer

We left a little before noon to drive down to Homer. It was a beautiful day! Stopped for several pictures near Beluga Point.

Construction on the highway slowed us down a bit.

 Of course, we had to stop near Hope for more photos.

You see some of the bluest water down on the Kenai Peninsula.
 Check out the volcano hiding in the background of this one!

Finally rolled into Homer.

 Gorgeous flowers greeted us.

 Greg and Jen went out to walk along the beach after dinner. Hope they return with some great pictures. They should be able to get some super photos tomorrow as they have chartered a boat to go out fishing for halibut!

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Jenifer arrives in Alaska!

Jenifer and I landed in Anchorage around 7:30 Sunday night. We got out and about for a quick tour of the city on Monday morning. One of our first stops was Campbell Creek Science Center.This sign was really applicable for this time of year but was amusing anyway.
We rode out to Earthquake Park where the entryway symbolizes the devastation of the Good Friday earthquake that occurred here in 1964.
 Alas, the only wildlife we spotted was this happy squirrel.
We made our way back downtown to take in the sights with Greg. We stopped for a pose in front of the log cabin visitor center.
 The flowers were certainly enjoying the long sunny days.

 Anchorage in the summertime is a flower paradise.

The trolley ride took us down to the Ulu Factory.
 We walked along Ship Creek and watched a few people fish for king salmon. No one had any luck while we were there.
 This sea gull stopped to pose for Jenifer. She took all the pictures on the blog today. Hopefully, she will get some more great photos tomorrow on our trip down to Homer.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Birthday Trip to Seward, Part 2

As you look at this entry's pictures, you'll see there is not a single fishing photo. That is because by the time we got our lines in the water, it started pouring down and never let up. That along with the high winds that suddenly appeared, made for an unpleasant and very short day of fishing. Even with rain jackets on, we both managed to get soaked and cold.
 Better luck next time!
Sunday morning we did scout out some other places to fish next time.
 This is the monument for Mile 1 of the Iditarod trail.
 We drove around the bay and took a few pics of Seward from the other side.
 You can really see how the town is between the water and mountains on such a slim strip of land.
 Did manage to get a couple of pictures of a moose hiding in a thicket.
 This will give you an idea of how hard it is to see them sometimes.
 Even though it was a fairly sunny day, you can still see that ice remains on some lakes.
The National Weather Service has declared this snow season to have the least snowfall on record. We usually average 75 inches of snow but this year we barely got 25 inches of snow. I will be flying down to visit family and friends for a few weeks. We have some adventures planned for mid June when I return!

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Birthday Trip to Seward

Drove down to Seward yesterday for my birthday.
 It rained from the time we left Anchorage until we arrived at our hotel. You learn not to let the weather deter any plans if you live in Alaska! We had a wonderful dinner last night. Yummy king crab dip and then fish and chips. Delightful. I got up and out this morning while Greg was getting ready.
 These pictures are of the mountains right across the street.
 There was a gorgeous duck in this lagoon. He kept diving into the water every time I tried to get his picture.
 Every Fourth of July they have a race up this mountain, Mount Marathon.
I got tired just looking up it. As you can tell, the leaves are finally appearing on the trees.
 Seward is nestled right up against these mountains
 with Resurrection Bay forming the border on the other side of this small town. More pictures later. Right now we are headed out to go fishing!