Alaska's Winter Horizon

Alaska's Winter Horizon

Sunday, February 12, 2017

The Snowy January Continued!

We began this year with a cold and second snowiest January on record! You can see how much more snow has crept up the fence from since our last post. Most of my writing is now covered up.
Just look at the snow piled up on our roof!
One Saturday morning I had a surprise guest in the front yard. 
This cow moose tromped through the snow right up to the window.
 At least this visit from a moose was better than our last one.
 This time she ate on the neighbor's tree branches instead of ours!
 I attempted to get some night shots of some snowfall. It is hard to really capture what a winter wonderland it has been. I love it!
 We ended the month with around three feet of snow. .
 The snow gets heavy on the branches of the old trees along the streets.
 One weekend, we had about 16 inches of fresh snow and it has been an awful task for Greg to keep it shoveled.
We have a few more months of winter here. I'm sure it will only get better!

Monday, January 16, 2017

Snowy Weekend

We spent this long winter weekend watching it snow... and snow... and snow.
 Greg officially hates winter and snow as he has had to shovel snow for three days! It has been quite cold for the last few months and even more good news is this week is supposed to be the coldest Anchorage has seen in years. Temperatures are expected to get near -20 several nights and daytime highs are not even above 0 until next weekend. Our apple and cherry trees will be buried soon if it continues to snow like this.
 I did use some of the cherries we harvested from these trees this summer to make a pie yesterday. It was pretty yummy. I will be taking vegetable soup to school tomorrow made with carrots from our garden and other veggies. We have been considering what vegetables to plant this summer. Hopefully, Greg will not plant as may radishes and carrots. Kale and spinach are definitely on the list for this year's garden. For now, I can just dream of working in the garden. Looks like we have several months to plan the garden plots.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Winter is here!

On October 21st we had our first official snow of the season.
The amounts varied throughout town but we ended up with about 6 inches of snow here.

Greg left these apples on the trees for the birds and they look kind of pretty with a covering of snow.

The raspberry bushes are weighted down with the cold wet snow.
Vegetable beds with an icy blanket.

We have had a bit of freezing rain and a couple of dustings of snow since then.

 Right now it is just cold and very icy.

 Other than getting ready for the holidays, we haven't been doing too much outside the home. At home we have been eating a lot, sitting in front of a fire a lot, and playing with the kitties a lot! Yeah, it's a tough life.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Fall's Short Season in the Last Frontier

We've been really busy finishing up outside and getting ready for the winter season. By some fluke, we had a really great gardening year. We had more radishes, lettuce, carrots, and tomatoes than we could eat.
There were also several zucchini and squash plants that produced enough to satisfy us. Our cherry trees shocked us by filling over a gallon container of yummy cherries. The apple trees were beautiful and loaded with fruit.

However, most of the apples got too mushy for us.
 We'll have to study up on what causes this and remedy it for next year.
 Greg pulled the remaining tomatoes a few weeks ago before our first deep freeze.

 A few ripen everyday but others haven't been so lucky. We were just too late harvesting some of them.

The colors of these little flowers were quite striking in contrast to their fall surroundings.

 One morning I got out early and drove to one of Anchorage's many parks.
This one is located near our home and has some majestic views.
Fall is a short season here. As you can tell by this picture, lawn cutting time is over for this year!
 We'll tell you more about our first snow of this season in the next post.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Beautiful Day in Seward

Wednesday morning, everyone got up early and headed to Seward for a boat tour of the Kenai Fjords. Greg, Lorrie, and Keith left the Seward Harbor aboard the Nanatak.
They boated out to Fox Island and had a delightful lunch of prime rib and salmon. None of them are big salmon fans but agreed it was pretty tasty.
They boarded the boat after lunch and it wasn't long before they spotted their first whale.
They did manage to see a total of four whales during the day. Never did manage to get a good clean shot of any of the whales. Greg did get a nice pic of one spouting and some fin and tail shots.
 It is always a thrill to see one of these magnificent humpback whales. They also saw puffins, eiders, eagles, and various other birds.

The boat cruised by a group of steller sea lions sunning on the rocks.

They happened to catch a glimpse of a jellyfish floating along doing whatever it is they do!
 Many otters frolic and relax in these waters. Greg think this one might be an older otter and he sure looks like he has a relaxing lifestyle.
They made it back to the Seward Harbor around 4:30. All of them truly enjoyed the tour having been blessed with a beautiful day and calm seas.
 Lorrie and Keith both wished they would have taken the all day tour instead. Maybe next time!
 On the way home to Anchorage on Thursday, the weather took a decidedly nasty turn with rain and cool temps. They did stop by Portage Lake and the visitor's center for a bit.
 Lorrie and Keith flew home the next afternoon. We all wished they had planned a few extra days to stay in Alaska. As usual, it went by way too quickly. Greg sure enjoyed having them visit. Special thanks to Lorrie for cooking while on her vacation!