Alaska's Winter Horizon

Alaska's Winter Horizon

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Sunday, Feb. 28th

Woke to a beautiful but cold Sunday morning. Walked back down to the Festival. There were more sled dog races going on. Little history here, Fur Rendezvous began as a 3 day festival to coincide with the time miners and trappers came back to to town with their finds and treasures. There were so many things going on that it was hard to decide what to do each day.

The highlight of my day would be the Running of the Reindeer. A take on the running of the bulls in Spain, this is a much more light-hearted and fun event. There were a couple of very frisky and rambunctious reindeer out there. People get a head start and then they let loose about 20 reindeer. The reindeer made it to the end before about 70% of the people did!! It would be kinda scary to look back and see that antlered animal gaining on you. Fortunately, no deaths occurred.

We walked and walked and walked around. Ate a delightful dinner at The Gumbo House. Spicy!! The blackened chicken Po' Boy was yummy. After dropping by the hotel to put the other half of the sandwich in the fridge for lunch tomorrow, we headed back down to the carnival.

Took a look at all the neat snow carvings. Some looked very professional. I finally got my courage up to ride the ferris wheel. It was a thrilling ride. I think those rides were checked in the 80s for safety. When it started spinning, my hair was flying everywhere and I was having a hoot of a time. After that scary ride, we treated ourselves to a funnel cake. Had to take my gloves off to get all that powdered sugar goodness and nearly froze my fingers! Fun day!!

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