Alaska's Winter Horizon

Alaska's Winter Horizon

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Saturday, March 20th

A nice sunny day here in the city. We got up into the mid 40s, but not ready to break out the shorts and sandals yet. As you can tell by the ice near some of these streams, it will take many days of warm weather to melt all this snow. We did see something today we haven't seen here in Anchorage before. GRASS! Suffice it to say the grass was brown and dead, but grass none the less. That seemed to be a harbinger of renewal on this first day of spring.

After walking about 5 miles on the Coastal Trail yesterday, we decided to look for a new trail today. We ended up opting for the Chester Creek Trail. This trail wanders through the forest for most of its route to Goose Lake. It was a very quiet and serene walk following Chester Creek for most of the journey. The trail winds through many parks and several snow covered recreational areas. We stopped to watch a group of snowboarders on a hillside as they attempted to jump several snow ramps. Fun to watch but nothing we'll be doing any time soon.

We paused at Chester Creek to enjoy the relaxing effect of the rushing water. Its kinda neat to watch it disappear under the snow which still covers parts of the creek in places. We walked about 2.5 miles on to Goose Lake Park. It was hard to tell much about the lake at all because it was still completely frozen and covered in snow. We walked on to Northern Lights Boulevard toward the Fred Meyers. After a scrumptious fried chicken dinner in the deli, we decided to head for a bus stop and hoped we hadn't missed the last bus downtown. After about 6 miles of walking yesterday and about 6 miles walking again today, neither of us were too thrilled with the prospect of walking 2 more miles home. Luckily, we timed it very well as we waited only about 5 minutes before the bus came along. Home again- tired but happy.

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