Alaska's Winter Horizon

Alaska's Winter Horizon

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Sunday, August 23rd

We have been enjoying some beautiful days here in Alaska. Our daytime temps are staying in the mid 60s and you really couldn't order weather more perfect. We decided to take advantage of the glorious sunshine and visit the Alaska Botanical Garden. (Thanks again, Scarbrough family!)
We had to stick to the paved path around the garden today.
 The nature trail was closed due to bear activity.
The attendant told us the bears had also made a visit to the Botanical Garden this morning. The trail that leads to Campbell Creek was closed due to high bear activity. It is fishing time for them.
 There were still plenty of beautiful blooms and foliage to enjoy.
 This Asiatic lily was a little tired, but still putting on a show.

 This interesting fungi on the tree reminded me of bells.

 The foxgloves were still in full bloom!
 There were many different species of apple and crabapple trees.
 All of the trees seemed to be loaded with fruit.

 This old curved tree added a natural architectural element to the forest.
 These snapdragons were such an intense dark color. They just popped up against the nasturtiums.
 The garden just has such a variety of plants and trees.
 Hopefully a bird family has been enjoying this log cabin birdhouse!