Alaska's Winter Horizon

Alaska's Winter Horizon

Monday, April 26, 2010

Sunday, April 25th

You'd think it was a lot warmer outside since it was so sunny. You'd be mistaken though. It was very breezy and the wind had quite a chill in it. There is still plenty of snow on the ground as you can tell by today's photos. I think it did get up into the mid 40s for the high.

After a delicious lunch of leftover take-out pizza from last night, Greg had to have a nap. That gave me an opportunity to finish up one of my books. That's right, I'm down to one book. I have read six books in about 6 days. We'll be visiting the library tomorrow or there will be no peace in the house.

The Sunday tradition includes a fried chicken dinner from Freddies so we walked across the street to the bus stop . Here I am on the phone with my mom at the bus stop. Check out the Nordstrom store right behind me. That place just taunts me with its high end apparel! We rode the bus out to the Fred Meyers. We wandered around inside for awhile. They really have a little bit of everything. We got a few essentials such as cereal and enjoyed our deli dinner. It was a pleasant 2 mile walk home tonight. No moose sightings, though. It was about 9 at night but you could see as easily as if it was 6 p.m. in Tennessee. Amazing.

You know it's getting time for tourists when the reindeer sausage/hot dog stand becomes a permanent fixture on Fourth Avenue. We'll be visiting him soon- the reindeer sausages are delish.

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