Alaska's Winter Horizon

Alaska's Winter Horizon

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Saturday, April 3rd

What a beautiful sunny day! We bought a day pass for me to ride the bus. Not a bad deal. It's $4.00 to ride as many times as you want in one day. We rode out to the Wonder Bread store and picked up some snacks. I had to have raspberry Zingers! Got Greg a couple of loaves of bread for his daily pb&j sandwiches. We rode back home and then walked to the Post Office. We needed to pick some meds from Fred Meyers. We got on the bus and headed out again. When we left the Freddy's, we walked about a mile to the Safeway grocery store. Greg tried to get me to ride the ponies because he wanted a picture. But I refused. Stopped by the Burger King on the walk home. Once again, Greg did himself a mischief by eating 3 double cheeseburgers! This is getting to be a weekend tradition. We decided to walk the mile and half home so we could walk off as many calories as possible.

As we started on the trail we noticed that the snow has begun to melt in a few areas. We saw 3 moose out eating on the trees. Greg stopped to take a few pictures and I kept walking. He said he was talking to me but I was gone. Well, there was a story in the paper today about 2 men who had to be rescued by Alaska troopers. The 2 guys happened upon a wolf and moose in battle. The wolf had hold of the moose's neck. When the 2 guys rounded the bend, the wolf took off. Now the angry and injured moose charged the men. One fellow escaped up a tree and the other took refuge behind some downed trees. The moose refused to leave and charged them when they moved. They eventually called for help and the troopers arrived about 4 hours after the incident started. The moose wouldn't leave even after 2 warning shots. The troopers then felt it best to put the poor animal down. Luckily, no moose charged us. But I wasn't taking any chances.

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