Alaska's Winter Horizon

Alaska's Winter Horizon

Friday, April 2, 2010

Good Friday, April 2nd

Sunny day for the most part. Had to wear my shades as we headed out for the Post Office. It was right around 42 degrees but felt wonderful. It is amazing how warm that feels here. Hooligan season opened yesterday. These little fatty fish are also known as smelt. You can catch them with the net. Might head out tomorrow and look for anyone netting for hooligans.

Catching another local fish, the halibut, would be one of my best adventures. We have seen pictures of them weighing near 300 pounds! Can you imagine the thrill and sport of landing one of those big babies on your line? Pretty tasty white fish as you can tell by my halibut sandwich in the picture. It has a very mild flavor. The big salmon run will begin this summer. I can't wait to see the salmon swimming in those streams here. There are several types of salmon in this area. Chinook or King salmon, sockeye or red salmon, coho is also called silver salmon, chum or dog salmon, and humpy also known as pink salmon. The king salmon run happens right downtown in Ship Creek. I doubt I'll catch a trophy one, but I am definitely gonna give it a try. This is big business for the city. Many anglers come to test their hands and rods at landing their best catch.

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  1. Well, we will be in Baxter another year (o: Todd is going to check in to the national program for the next school year. Hope all is well. Miss ya!