Alaska's Winter Horizon

Alaska's Winter Horizon

Monday, May 24, 2010

Weekend Pics

Saturday morning Greg went into work for awhile. When he got off work, we walked in search of a different farmer's market. We must have been a few weeks early because no one was there. I'm really looking forward to those fresh veggies! We then decided to walk the Coastal Trail because we hadn't walked it in a few days. It sure looks different with all the snow gone. As we walked along, Greg spotted 2 Sand Hill cranes. We watched them for a bit and then made our way to the lagoon. Just a few weeks ago we posted pics of people playing ice hockey here. Now, it's all water! We saw many gulls, ducks, and a few geese. It was beautiful there but starting to get a bit crowded for us. Since we were getting hungry by this point, and I was craving a burger, we walked another mile and half to the Carl's Jr. This is like Hardee's in Tennessee. I got my jalapeno burger fix and Greg stuffed himself on 3 double cheeseburgers! We then waddled the two miles back to the room.

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