Alaska's Winter Horizon

Alaska's Winter Horizon

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Saturday, May 15th

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Greg went into work to get caught up and earn a little comp time. After work, we joined SBF Mindy at the weekly Alaska outdoor farmers' and crafts market. Luckily, it is located right across the street from our hotel. Yeah, now that I'm addicted to corn fritters I won't have far to walk and get my fix every weekend!

One vendor played an Alaskan Native flute for shoppers. It was a wooden instrument with a very melodic sound. Had to eat so we got homemade tamales and then this wonderful food called corn fritters. They're deep fried so of course they're delicious. They are made of a sweet batter and served with honey butter. Yum.

I made a few purchases and then we were on our way. Our destination today would be the city of Eagle River. Even though this city is 40 minutes north of Anchorage, it is still part of the municipality of Anchorage. In fact, if it weren't included as part of Anchorage, it would be 1 of the 5 largest cities in Alaska with about 23,000 people. That is what has amazed me about Alaska. The cities are small and, for the most part, far from one another. In fact, there are more people in Davidson county (metro Nashville) than in the WHOLE state of Alaska. We drove 120 miles last weekend and only went through 2 towns!

Our first stop was the Eagle River Nature Center located in the Chugach State Park. Now run by a nonprofit group, the center was once an old lodge/tavern/grill. It was purchased by the Alaska State Parks in 1980. There are 3 yurts and a cabin that you can reserve for overnight stays. They are very popular and need to be reserved well in advance. Didn't hike to them but got some great pics from the Rodak Loop.

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  1. The pictures are getting prettier. You can see greenery and spring(or summer) but then again you have the snow on the mountains. Very nice pictures, Phyllis you are doing a great job on capturing Alaska.