Alaska's Winter Horizon

Alaska's Winter Horizon

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Birthday Trip, Saturday, Part 1

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We saw an Alaskan grizzly bear! More on this later!

I'm going to have to tell you the weekend trip in segments. We have such poor internet here that I can't upload more than about 12 pictures to the blog each day. Don't worry, I will eventually get to the part about the griz.

We left Anchorage Saturday morning in our rented Nissan Sentra. We drove to Beluga Point and saw a few Dall Sheep on the craggy mountains across the highway. Greg and I posed for a couple of photos near the inlet. These waters will be host to Beluga Whales soon. Orcas, also known as killer whales, are sometimes seen in this inlet as they come in to hunt.

About an hour down the Seward Highway, we decided to stop and eat lunch. We pulled into an area that showed a sign for picnic tables. We never found those picnic tables as they were still buried under many feet of snow. You can see that the snow is way above my head in one of the pictures, I'd guess it was close to about 7 feet of snow.

There were several people enjoying this snow-covered area by riding their snowmachines. The snow was so high that they were able to back their trucks right up to the snow wall. Then they put a ramp up to the top of the snow and rode the machines up and out onto the snow. Quite different from having the ramps go down toward the ground. That snow was higher than the cabs of most of the trucks. Amazing!

We journeyed on down the highway and did eventually find some picnic tables. You could not ask for a more beautiful and scenic lunch spot. This is the Upper Trail Lake. The water was the most gorgeous turquoise blue color. We ate a peaceful lunch on the banks of the lake. It was a spectacular sight, with the mountains as a backdrop to that crystal clear lake.

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