Alaska's Winter Horizon

Alaska's Winter Horizon

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Tuesday, May 4th

Yesterday I walked over to check out a new apartment. Very nice place. Hopefully, we will move in there around the first of June. On the way home I met a really nice lady out walking her dog. We got to chatting and walking around downtown. I gave her my phone number and I am going to begin walking with her.

Today when Greg left to go back to work after lunch, I went with him. Walked over a few blocks and met my new friend, Bobbi, for a walk. We walked around and looked at apartments and condominiums. Most of the condos were for sale, from $299,000 to $335,000. These babies aren't big either!! I'd have to discover gold or oil to be able to afford one of these places.

Didn't get our weekly fried chicken dinner until tonight. Greg had nearly begun to go into withdrawals. One more day and he would have needed an IV. Don't worry he got his quota of fried foods and is back to normal. No hospitalization required. Picked up very few groceries because this new hotel has a smaller fridge in it.

Walked the 2 miles back to the hotel. Only 1 rude driver pulled out in front of us, don't worry I showed my approval with my fingers. But the trip did end on a funny note- some Native man in the hotel hallway kept telling me how pretty I was. Would have been flattered but he appeared to have been drinking. Well, maybe he had been drinking a lot, I nearly got a buzz from his breath.

The pictures are of the library. The sculpture has the water fountains working now. Check out the flat bottomed clouds in the other pics. These pics were taken yesterday. You can't see all of the mountains because of the clouds. Today, however, was a beautiful day with temps in the upper 50s. Saw some tulips blooming!! Spring is here!

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