Alaska's Winter Horizon

Alaska's Winter Horizon

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Saturday, May 15th, Part 2

Here's a little more info about the Eagle River Nature Center. It is part of the Chugach State Park and is a boreal forest. A boreal forest, also called a taiga, is basically the most northerly forest. It consists mainly of coniferous trees and has dramatic temperature changes throughout the seasons. The winters are harsh and long. The summers are short and dramatic. Boreal forests are often recently glaciated areas. These regions are usually the last areas of forest in subarctic regions before the tundra and the ice caps overtake the landscape. These forests are found in Alaska, Canada, Russia, Sweden, and other northerly countries.

As we took the Rodak Loop, we made our way down into the glacially carved Eagle River Valley. The Eagle River was beautiful against the mountains as it flowed along the valley floor. The river is fed with the melting runoff of Raven and Eagle Glaciers. This makes the water very cold! We meandered back to the Information Center for a final stop.

Check out my hand size as compared to a grizzly's paw!

SBF Mindy was a little under the weather today and had stayed at the center for a quick nap in the sun. I interrupted her snooze on the picnic table so we could head to the Eagle River Wal-Mart to get Greg a much needed haircut.

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