Alaska's Winter Horizon

Alaska's Winter Horizon

Friday, May 7, 2010

Friday, May 7th

Thanks to all for my cards and emails on my birthday! I had a most delightful birthday! Greg and I went shopping at CostCo and then walked across the street in the drizzling rain to eat pancakes for dinner. Our bus stop was blocked because of construction, so the bus driver let us out further downtown. We walked back in the sprinkling rain and the city seemed refreshed and less dusty. The flowers must have been waiting for a spring rain, because I noticed some blooming on the way home today.

My mom sent us a package from home with a tea kettle, my backpack, and 2 water bottles with straps for hiking. We will put them to good use this weekend. We have rented a car and are leaving town Saturday morning for a trip down the coast. We plan on stopping in Girdwood, home of Aleyska ski resort, and several more stops between here and Seward. You should see some great photos from the weekend soon.

The picture of Greg going to the laundry room was taken at 9 pm. It was still very light outside. It doesn't get dark until well after 11pm now. The other photo is of the outdoor marketplace across the street. This picture was taken about 10:15 at night! There will be food booths, crafts, and other things for sale there every Saturday through the fall. Produce will be for sale there soon- can't wait to see the giant vegetables that grow here in Alaska!

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