Alaska's Winter Horizon

Alaska's Winter Horizon

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Summer Trip, Skagway Day 2

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We got up and ate a yummy breakfast at the Sweet Tooth Cafe. We walked around and took in a few shops downtown on a beautiful Sunday morning. At about 12:15, we made our way over to the train depot. We had purchased tickets the day before for the scenic White Pass & Yukon Train Route.

We were actually very surprised at the number of people that decided to do the same thing. There were about 14 train cars full of eager passengers. Many had come from the 2 cruise ships docked in the harbor. This steam train takes a forty-mile roundtrip route up to the summit of White Pass.

 Built in 1898, the train climbs up to 2,865 feet in elevation during the trip. It was declared an International Historic Civil Engineering Landmark in 1994. This is one of the few narrow gauge railroads still in use today. The ride itself was very beautiful.
  It probably would have been even more spectacular had we not seen so many beautiful vistas in the last few days.

 We seemed to be experiencing sensory overload. However, the views were still awesome and we saw 2 black bears along the journey. A herd of mountain goats was grazing and climbing on the rocky mountainside.

We made our way just barely into British Columbia before turning back on the return trip.

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  1. Greetings from California,
    I absolutely love this blogsite. The pictures are amazing. Are you a professional photographer or just an extremely talent amateur? Either way, keep up the good work. My whole family follows your adventures.
    Take care and post again soon,
    Your fans,
    Susan, Don, Bobbi, and Gail