Alaska's Winter Horizon

Alaska's Winter Horizon

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Skagway to Haines Junction,Yukon, Canada

Once the train arrived back in Skagway, we jumped in the car and tore out toward Canada. Again, the drive was awesome! British Columbia is definitely an area we would like to explore further. We climbed high in elevation and took in mountains, rocky and barren of vegetation. These kind of mountains would fit in perfectly with the mountains out west. Eventually, we came to many beautiful lakes and rivers.
 We started to see a lot of green again though the mountains in the distance were still covered in snow and ice.
We stopped often to take pictures and enjoy the beautiful surroundings.

 It wasn't long before we spotted movement and discovered that it was a large black bear. These wary bears were often harder to spot as they are more at home in wooded areas, especially when grizzlies share this same territory. This one seemed to be in great health with a lush black coat.
 As we made our way into the Yukon territory, the beauty of the Klondike Highway continued.

We came to an area known as Carcross Desert which again would remind you of something out west. However, this isn't really a desert at all. It was actually created by a long gone glacial lake. Only 640 acres of the silt and sand dunes are left for us to realize how magestic the lake must have been.

We drove further into the Yukon, and our handy Milepost guidebook mentioned watching for elk in a certain area. Sure enough, we soon spotted 2 females, one collared and tagged, in a meadow.
 Almost immediately, we saw the huge male hidden in the trees.

This was way cool as none of us had ever seen an elk in the wild before. We continued on the journey, driving through Whitehorse and arriving in Haines Junction for the night.

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