Alaska's Winter Horizon

Alaska's Winter Horizon

Monday, July 16, 2012

Summer Trip, Juneau Day 2

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We walked down to the wharf and ate a delightful lunch of fish and chips on a pier. While we chowed down, we watched about 5 float planes come in to unload and reload with tourists. Then we walked over and took the Mt. Roberts Tram up the mountain. The Tram climbs over 1800 feet to a nature center, gift shops, and restaurant. We decided to hike the rest of the way up the mountain. There are some magnificent views of the Gastineau Channel from this point.

Juneau is the only state capital that you can't drive to, you must come in by boat or plane.
We continued our hike up the mountain, stopping to enjoy the beautiful scenery.
As we climbed higher and higher, we began to run into quite a bit of snow over the trail. The higher we got, the worse it got.
 Finally, we decided to turn back due to treacherous conditions, not wishing to chance taking the quick way down! We made our way back down to the visitors' center area.

 After browsing in the shops for a bit, we then rode the tram back down into the town. We walked around downtown for awhile and enjoyed the sites.

While I browsed in a bookstore, Greg tried to find an appropriate area for Taylor.

We went over to the State Capitol Building and too a self-guided tour.
We quite enjoyed the tour and we thought it was funny that Kate and I washed our hands in the same sink that Sarah Palin may have used!

We couldn't see Russia from here but we did see some beautiful totem poles.
 We drove out to the Wal-Mart and Fred Meyer's to get some gas and groceries for our next big stop, Skagway. Since we had to be at the ferry by 6 am, we called it a night.

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