Alaska's Winter Horizon

Alaska's Winter Horizon

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Thursday, June 16th

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Tuesday evening we all walked down the Coastal Trail past the Westchester Lagoon. We saw many ducks, geese, gulls, and even a small beaver. But no moose! We walked the Chester Creek Trail toward home. Wednesday we finally got a new car. It is a little Ford Fiesta. We would highly recommend our salesman, Craig Porter, at Worthington Ford. He was great to work with! After all the excitement and drama at the car dealership, we felt the need for some Taco King for lunch. Then we cruised out to the Target and Freddie's to pick up some needed supplies. Feeding 4 people is quite a change from feeding just the 2 of us!

After dinner, we decided to let Greg ride in the new car. We hit the library and Wal-Mart, where we picked up bear spray for this weekend. Greg drove us out to Beluga Point hoping to see some mountain goats or sheep or even a moose for the girls. Alas, all the girls got was a taste of Alaska in June at Beluga Point. The wind was gusting at over 40 miles per hour. The girls swear it was colder than Christmas at their home. They were able to endure the cold and wind for about 5 minutes before running for the car! Today the girls and I walked to the Post Office and browsed a few shops downtown. Greg did get to come home for lunch with us.

Tonight after dinner we went down to Kincaid Park. It is a very beautiful place full of lush forests and plenty of recreational activities. The ocean view adds a nice touch to this oasis at the edge of the city. We walked along the trail toward the ocean. Greg had ventured off the trail a bit and we strolled on. We heard him yell for us and we turned to see to see the girls' first moose! It was a fairly large bull moose but Kate wasn't impressed because she immediately turned the other way and took off! Taylor must have been a little more impressed because she didn't flee the scene but she was so anxious she forgot to take a picture. Luckily, Greg kept his wits and was able to snap a few quick photos. We ended up walking around the park for about 2 hours before making our way home. Once we got back in the apartment the girls' night was topped by another first. The sky had cleared and they were able to get a somewhat hazy look at Mount McKinley. What an exciting day, and so much more planned for this weekend and the upcoming weeks!

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