Alaska's Winter Horizon

Alaska's Winter Horizon

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Return to Alaska

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Left for the airport at 8 am CST and got to the airport only to learn that our first flight had been cancelled. We had to wait around and leave at 1:32 for Denver. The two girls were divided on their opinions about their first flight. Taylor said the airplane ride made her "want to throw up" but Mallory quite enjoyed hers! We had a long layover in Denver and finally left for Anchorage at 7 pm MST only to arrive in Anchorage at 10:30 AST (which would be 1:30 am CST). What a long day!! Jacque and Greg picked us up at the airport. We really appreciate Jacque taking the time and staying up late to taxi us home. Greg thought it was funny to watch us hurry to button up our jackets as we walked out into the cool night air in Alaska. The brisk temperatures are a nice relief from the sweltering heat of the south.

Slept in on Monday but eventually got going and decided to walk around downtown. We headed out by the museum and made our way down 4th Avenue to the Alaska Public Lands Information Center. We wanted to show the girls some of the animals in Alaska exhibits. They were quite amazed at how large most of the animals are. After leaving the center, we decided to treat the girls to their first reindeer sausage. They both agreed the sausages were yummy. We walked down to the Ulu Factory and then strolled around Ship Creek. There were a few fishermen in the water trying to hook a king salmon. We rode a trolley back to the Visitor's Center. Taylor was impressed that the trolley was heated due to the cool temperatures. That warm air blowing on our feet felt quite delightful. Hard to believe you need the heat on in June. We made our way back to the apartment and rested for a bit. Greg walked the girls around the park strip to look at the huge kites while I took a nap! They also got to see Star the reindeer!

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