Alaska's Winter Horizon

Alaska's Winter Horizon

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sunday, June 26th

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Saturday we drove over to Portage Valley on an overcast misty afternoon. As we drove down the Seward Highway we pointed out the old town of Portage and some of the old houses that lay in ruin. These homes were destroyed when the ground sank six feet during the 1964 earthquake. When we arrived near Portage glacier, we stopped near the Blue Ice Trail and let the girls test the temperature of the glacial water. They were also delighted by the crystal blue color of the water. We drove to Begich Boggs Visitor Center and were surprised to see many icebergs floating in Portage Lake. There were a few wind surfers braving the cold waters of the glacial lake. After checking out the Visitor Center, we made our way to the trail head of the Byron Glacier Trail. If you haven't walked this trail, it is less than two miles round trip, and most definitely worth the walk. It is a gravel trail that meanders by the rushing run-off waters of the glacier. The scenery is gorgeous during the entire trip and once you reach the glacier, the view is quite stunning. The girls unanimously voted it the best trail yet even though we passed two piles of bear scat on the trail. Such findings usually get an immediate thumbs down and an end to the hike. They didn't even hesitate to continue walking because it was such a beautiful hike. Once we reached the glacier, they were both glad we continued as they played on the ice, walked in the water, and snapped hundreds of pictures. Greg and I were quite impressed and will definitely be back for another walk.

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