Alaska's Winter Horizon

Alaska's Winter Horizon

Monday, January 31, 2011

Greg's Birthday Weekend

SBFs Mindy and Paul came to get us Saturday afternoon. We stopped and picked up king crab legs for a dinner celebration in honor of Mindy's and Greg's birthdays. Headed on to their home to cook the dinner. I had made strawberry cake. They prepared steak, salad, boiled shrimp, and the crab legs. Needless to say, we had a delightful dinner. It was scrumptious! We hung there til midnight playing the new Wii games with the super sensitive remote. I rule.

Slept in on Sunday as would be expected of us. Jacque gained the prestigious BF status as she now has her car and drove us to the library and out to dinner. We ate at Twin Dragon so the birthday weekend barrage of calories continued. Sure was good, though. Got a shot of 2 moose across the street as they searched for food.

Today on Greg's actual birthday, he was at Campbell Creek Science Center for a work related meeting. Everyone enjoyed the yummy chocolate and vanilla birthday cakes provided for Greg and another birthday employee. The Science Center is located in Anchorage on part of the 730 acre Campbell tract of land managed by the Bureau of Land Management. This is the place my class went on a field trip earlier this year. The Center hosts about 40,000 visitors each year. There are 12 miles of non-motorized use trails. You can see plenty of moose, bears, and a variety of other creatures.

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