Alaska's Winter Horizon

Alaska's Winter Horizon

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Thompson Pass, Part 2

Here are some neat facts about Thompson Pass and a few more pictures of the afternoon we enjoyed there.
 Thompson Pass is the snowiest place in Alaska with an average of 551.5 inches of snow per year.
 In the winter of 1952-53, the most snow ever recorded in one season fell here. The Pass got a whopping 974.1 inches of snow that year!! This is the most snow ever recorded in one season in all of the United States.
Also, the Pass holds the record for the most snow falling in a single day. 62 inches of snow fell on December 29, 1955.
We really enjoyed walking along all the trails and climbing over the rocks.
                                                  It is truly a beautiful place.
As the sun began to fade behind the majestic mountains, we headed on down the highway.
 Thanks to the gift of sunlight, we were able to get some beautiful views of Worthington Glacier.
As we were starting to run a bit short on time, we skipped hiking to the glacier this time.

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