Alaska's Winter Horizon

Alaska's Winter Horizon

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Lake Louise

We arrived at Lake Louise around 6 p.m.
We had a picnic of leftovers just outside our room overlooking the beautiful lake.
Then we took a stroll around the shoreline and just enjoyed the gorgeous evening.

 This lake gets little precipitation as it sheltered by four mountain ranges. It does connect with two other lakes, Lake Susitna and Lake Tyone. Together with a few rivers, they form a waterway chain through this part of interior Alaska.  Lake Louise has an area of about 26 square miles.

 There are many birds here on the lake. Bird Island, one of the many islands found here, is a nesting site for gulls. Lake Louise is also known to be the only freshwater nesting site for cormorants. A loon was sounding off during the night we were there. Its mesmerizing trill floated along on the evening air.  The lake is also well known for wonderful lake trout fishing. It is not uncommon to reel in a twenty pound lake trout here! Many people come to the lake and ice fish in the winter. The next morning we enjoyed a good breakfast at the lodge and set off for home. A couple of members of the Nelchina herd were also using the road this morning.
When we see a site like this, a mother caribou and her calf, we realize just how cool it is to be here in Alaska.
Yes, the road really is that wavy!

The harsh winters sure do a number on the roads. Of the sixteen miles we drove on this road, the vast majority of it was like this.

We finished out our drive home enjoying many gorgeous views, including this one of the Tazlina Glacier.

 We made it back to Anchorage by about 7 p.m. We were both tired after thoroughly enjoying a great trip.

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