Alaska's Winter Horizon

Alaska's Winter Horizon

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sunday, January 29

It has been cold here! The temps haven't even gotten above zero in the last few days. We decided to venture out anyway on Saturday afternoon. It was about -7 at the time. Greg had been seeing waxwings feeding on berries in the Federal Building courtyard. He was able to get very close to some of these birds. So we headed over there to try to snap a few closeup pictures. Alas, that afternoon they were nowhere to be found. We headed on down to check the mail at our post office box. It was so cold, we had to detour inside the mall just to warm up. We finally got feeling in our fingers again and walked on to the post office. By the time we returned to the apartment, Greg had ice crystals in his eyelashes! That didn't deter us from getting back out in the cold that night. We drove over to watch a movie thinking that the extreme cold weather would keep most people inside. We were wrong. The place was packed. In fact, in the new Sherlock Holmes movie we saw, the only seats that weren't taken were right in front of the screen. By the time we made it home Saturday night, the temps had dipped to -13. I worked on school assignments all day today. We decided to get out again and support a local business, The Alaska Experience Theater. During tourist season this theater shows Alaska related movies. They are probably best known for showing a movie with footage from the 1964 earthquake. You get an idea of what it felt like in the safequake replication room. During the winter months they offer other types of movies on Thursday nights through Monday nights. Tonight we walked over to the theater and were treated to Alfred Hitchcock's classic "Vertigo" starring Jimmy Stewart and Kim Novak. For five dollars apiece, it was a great night of cheap entertainment.

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