Alaska's Winter Horizon

Alaska's Winter Horizon

Monday, January 16, 2012

Monday, January 16th

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It snowed quite a bit last Thursday. The temps stayed below freezing for the most part and we ended up with about 8 inches of new snow by Thursday night. This new snowfall put us over 90 inches of snow for the season. This still isn't too bad compared to our neighbors to the east, Cordova and Valdez. I'll take just the almost 8 feet of our snow over their 24 feet of snow any day! Once the snow stopped, the temperatures have taken a real dive. It has been struggling to get above 0 for the last few days. It is 12 below 0 right now. Brrr. Still, we did venture out in subzero temps on Friday night to grab a burger and a few groceries. We got out again today and walked down to Town Square to view the inspiring art created by winter sculptors who work with ice. As we walked along the snow-covered streets, you notice the orange markers are up for the many snow plows to know their boundaries. The square looked beautiful with all the twinkling lights in the trees. The trees were flocked with the recent snow and really added to the winter wonderland created by these artists. There were quite a few interesting sculptures. The creations ranged from cars and trucks to iguanas and seals. I think the peacocks were perhaps my favorite. Greg thought the one featuring a dance motif was quite striking. It would really be hard to choose a favorite among all these beautiful creations. We stayed for a bit until Greg lost feeling in his hands and couldn't take any more pictures. Leaving the square, we walked back toward the mall. We stopped in a most charming shop, Beyond Beads, located near the mall on 6th Avenue. There are so many unique items in the shop and I have my eye on a new string of beads. This is not just a bead shop, they have all kinds of jewelry and accessories, some trinkets for the home, and even candies on the counter! Delightful. We grabbed take-out at the mall and hurried home before our meals could freeze!

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