Alaska's Winter Horizon

Alaska's Winter Horizon

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Saturday, July 2

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We got on the bus at 2 pm in order to travel through Denali National Park. You are able to drive the first 15 miles into the park in your own vehicle. At that point, you must travel on a park-sponsored bus for the remainder of the road. Our bus wasn't totally full so we were able to spread out and have a seat to ourselves. The first wildlife spotted was a moose high upon a moutainside. A little further up the road, I spotted a trio of caribou grazing much closer to us. These animals travel in one of the longest annual migrations of land mammals. They make their way to their summer feeding areas where they can eat up to 12 pounds of food each day. Both the male and female caribou grow antlers. As the bus stopped so that people could take photos, one of the caribou began to walk toward the bus. It got very close to the bus and then crossed the road right in front of us. What a gorgeous creature! After traveling several more miles, the bus stopped at a scenic overlook of the valley. Even though it was overcast and windy, we all got out and walked around to enjoy the beautiful scenery.

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