Alaska's Winter Horizon

Alaska's Winter Horizon

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Denali Trip, Part 3

The bus ride offers you a unique opportunity to view the wildlife and beautiful scenery. You just have to get over the fact that you are traveling on a road that clings to a mountainside! Yes, the road is quite scary sometimes! At our stop at the Toklat River, Kate checks out a moose's antlers. Just one was so heavy she couldn't lift it! We were able to see one grizzly bear high upon the mountainside. As our bus trekked on to our destination, we enjoyed the beautiful mountains and valleys. At one stop Greg took the opportunity to climb to the top of a trail for a majestic view. The Eielsen Visitor Center is built into the side of a mountainside and just blends into the landscape. When you leave the parking lot, you travel down steps to the entrance and gaze out across a beautiful valley. Unfortunately, the clouds covered almost all of Mt. McKinley. Here is a trail marker that startled Kate! That sign could have been used in this area! There were 3 grizzly bears grazing near the road. They just basically ignored us and kept foraging for food. We could have stayed for hours just watching them.

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