Alaska's Winter Horizon

Alaska's Winter Horizon

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Birthday Trip to Seward

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Time for my annual birthday trip to Seward! We left Anchorage about 11:30 last Friday morning. Our first stop was in Girdwood, about 30 miles down the Seward Highway, for lunch. We ate a scrumptious lunch at Chair 5 restaurant. Checked out a bit of the town, which is home to the popular Alyeska Ski Resort. Then we continued on toward Portage Glacier. It was beautiful with still quite a bit of snow around. I'm sure we'll go back down later this summer so we can look at the beautiful blue colors of the glacial ice once the snow melts. Today, however, it was quite cool and windy. Greg and Jacque snapped a couple of pics and we headed on toward Seward. Once we got a little past Turnagain Pass, it started to snow on us. It continued to snow for several miles! As we neared Seward, we turned and drove out to Exit Glacier in search of wildlife. We drove as far as the Forest Service parking lot and didn't see anything. Greg and Jacque did spot some pretty impressive bear tracks near the bridge. We made it into Seward about 4:30 and settled in for a bit. At dinnertime, we drove up the street to eat at the Apollo. It was pretty yummy and we had quite a feast of different types of seafood. We also had delicious chocolate cake! After dinner, we went back to the room and changed into walking clothes. We walked along the beach in the light rain and had it pretty much to ourselves.

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