Alaska's Winter Horizon

Alaska's Winter Horizon

Thursday, July 15, 2010

July 14th

My friend, Anne, made it into Anchorage last night. We stayed up way too late and were slow to get going this morning. Greg had to go into work so Anne and I were left on our own. We started out with a short walk to a small local bakery for a chocolate croissant. Yum. We then headed to downtown for the free Ulu factory trolley ride. Ulu knives are the traditional knives used by the Native people of Alaska. We walked behind the factory and saw a few men fishing in Ship Creek for salmon. Since they weren't catching anything, we headed back downtown to meet Greg for lunch. Anne got to eat her first reindeer sausage. She says they are yummy. We rode the city trolley tour. You learned some pretty interesting stuff and saw some incredible sights. We saw a float plane land on Lake Hood. Anne was excited to learn the statistics show that there is 1 woman for every 2 men in Anchorage. The odds are in her favor. We've seen no potential but she found out she could bid on one at the Bush Pilot Bachelor Auction. Some men are auctioned off for as little as 10 cents. You know what they say about Alaskan men- The odds are good, but the goods are odd!!! We walked a small part of the Coastal Trail. When we got off the trail at Elderberry Park, we had to walk a small incline of the road. Anne has continued to whine about "walking up this mountain" since the episode. She was gasping for breath at the top of the hill and tried to sit down in front of Wells Fargo. Being ruthless as I am, I made her walk on home. She thinks we may have walked about 50 miles, I'm thinking maybe 1 mile. Last night, Greg drove us down to Portage Glacier. The ice was so blue and beautiful on the mountain. It was very cool there looking at the spectacular views. The wind was brisk. Air temperature may have been in the 50s but the glacial melt water in the streams was probably in the 30s. Anne didn't leave her hand in the water long! We saw a mountain goat near the edge of the Seward Highway. Hope he made it back onto the rocks and safety. We also saw a few Dall sheep and there was a moose right in the middle of Potter's Bird Marsh. Hope we see even more animals on the Denali trip over the next few days.

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