Alaska's Winter Horizon

Alaska's Winter Horizon

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Mom Comes to Alaska

I have been down visiting family and friends in the South. Just returned to Alaska last week and my Mom came to stay with us for part of the summer! We've been asking her to visit for years and she finally agreed to the trip. This is quite a change in temps for her as we left the heat of the 90s for the coolness of the 50s upon our arrival in Alaska. The first few days were overcast and a bit chilly for this time of year. By Friday afternoon, temps rebounded and we have enjoyed a very nice weekend.
 Mom enjoys sitting out in the sun without the humidity or mosquitoes she has at home!
 We worked on arranging furniture and hanging pictures on the days when it was cloudy and cool. Sure was nice to get outside and work in the gardens yesterday.
 The Sitka rose has almost finished blooming for this year.
 Iris are beginning to wind down their season. We have a few of the beautiful purple blooms left.
This bloom is exciting for Greg because it is on one of his tomato plants! We enjoyed a salad from the garden last night made with two types of lettuce and spinach. Greg grilled up some chicken, hot dogs, and bratwurst to complete the meal.
 The ferns are looking good in the space between the greenhouse and fence. A big ole spruce tree provides the shade in which they thrive.
Mom and I got out and went for a short drive down the Seward Highway this morning. She got to see a Dall sheep on the mountainside along the inlet. Hopefully, she will get to see much more wildlife this week as we set off on some adventures.

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