Alaska's Winter Horizon

Alaska's Winter Horizon

Monday, March 27, 2017


Here are more pics from my day of touring the totem poles near Ketchikan. The afternoon was spent visiting the area known as Saxman.
Here we met master carver Nathan Jackson.
 He showed us the pole he was currently working on that would honor William Seward.
 He explained about different styles and methods used to carve poles.
 He was a wealth of information and very entertaining.
 This man has dozens of totem poles displayed all over the world! Fascinating.
After we visited Mr. Jackson in the carving shed, you were able to get outside and just wander around in Saxman Totem Park.
This park is the home to the largest number of standing totem poles.
The clan house was gorgeous.
There were many poles lining the streets and walkways.
 What a view! Got the mountains, the water, and impressive totem poles.
 I bet this one has a good story. It made me laugh to see the one figure's hand being held in the character's mouth on the totem pole. Might need to research this one.

 They were all so beautiful. It was interesting to try to pick out the different animals depicted on them.

 This short carving was pointing at you. Lots of detail on the hat.
 It appeared to be Abraham Lincoln on the top of one of the poles here.
 This was a wonderful way to spend a day. You could wander for hours looking at the totem poles just in Saxman and Totem Bight Parks. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

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