Alaska's Winter Horizon

Alaska's Winter Horizon

Monday, January 16, 2017

Snowy Weekend

We spent this long winter weekend watching it snow... and snow... and snow.
 Greg officially hates winter and snow as he has had to shovel snow for three days! It has been quite cold for the last few months and even more good news is this week is supposed to be the coldest Anchorage has seen in years. Temperatures are expected to get near -20 several nights and daytime highs are not even above 0 until next weekend. Our apple and cherry trees will be buried soon if it continues to snow like this.
 I did use some of the cherries we harvested from these trees this summer to make a pie yesterday. It was pretty yummy. I will be taking vegetable soup to school tomorrow made with carrots from our garden and other veggies. We have been considering what vegetables to plant this summer. Hopefully, Greg will not plant as may radishes and carrots. Kale and spinach are definitely on the list for this year's garden. For now, I can just dream of working in the garden. Looks like we have several months to plan the garden plots.

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