Alaska's Winter Horizon

Alaska's Winter Horizon

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Weekend Visitor

We awoke Saturday to an early morning visitor. We could see through the window a huge moose in front of our home. The moose was making its way across the yard but decided to stop and enjoy breakfast.
 Unfortunately for us, the breakfast turned out to be one of our young birch trees.
 The moose must have really liked the taste because it stepped up on the raised bed and proceeded to nibble away!
 Greg tried to shoo it away without much luck.
 You don't want to make them mad because they might still be mad when they encounter the next person. They can be incredibly aggressive and dangerous when agitated.
 To give you a sense of scale, the spruce tree on the right is almost 7 and a half feet tall.
Eventually, the moose moved on but not before deciding to stop in the corner of the yard and really put the hurt on a smaller birch tree!
 It finally tired of that tree and slowly made its way around the neighborhood.

Something I had looked forward to this weekend was the big snowstorm the Weather Service predicted for us. Some predictions had up to a foot of fresh snow!  Of course, we got maybe an inch total of new snow this afternoon. It was enough to stop our record streak of snowless days at 37! Can you believe it? We had not seen a measurable snowfall in 37 days! Greg hadn't complained about lack of new snow but I missed it!

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