Alaska's Winter Horizon

Alaska's Winter Horizon

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Denali Trip

 We arrived in Denali late Sunday afternoon. On a quick jaunt into the park before dinner, we were lucky to see a mother moose and twins!

 After dinner, we returned to the park and managed to see Mt. McKinley totally unobstructed! On average, this happens only 4 times during the month of June. It was quite magnificent as you can tell by the photos even from 75 miles away!
 Remember, at over six million acres this is a huge park.
 On our way out we managed to see another moose cow and her calf.
Here is Greg posing with the moon over his shoulder around 11 at night. I don't think it ever got dark the whole night.
The next day we took Jen on the Denali bus to Eielson Visitor Center which is about 66 miles into the park.
 Wasn't exactly a prime day for seeing wildlife. We were able to see several caribou, including this one trying to rub the velvet off his antlers.

 We also saw one big grizzly bear!
Here is all you could see of Mt. McKinley today. As usual, it was covered by clouds.
 The views inside the park are breathtaking and endless!
 Of course, you have to have nerves of steel to travel these high, narrow, and treacherous roads in old school buses. But of course, the experience is worth it!
I'm headed back to TN to visit family and friends for several weeks. See ya in August.

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