Alaska's Winter Horizon

Alaska's Winter Horizon

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Homer, Day 2

During Greg and Jenifer's stroll on the beach, they spotted an eagle that allowed them to get really close for some awesome pictures. 
 It is truly a beautiful place in which you can see wildlife in such a great setting.

 The next morning, they got up quite early for their halibut fishing charter. They left from this harbor around 7 a.m. and were fishing by 8 a.m.
 Greg caught his first fish within 2 minutes of dropping his line in the water! He was the first person on the boat to catch a fish! Being a little too self-assured, he released this first fish which actually turned out to be his largest catch of the day.
 Regulations on the chartered boats only allow you to keep one fish over 29 inches. You can also keep one under 29 inches.
 Jenifer fell into the same trap, quickly catching the second halibut on the boat. She also released it and it unfortunately turned out to be the largest fish she caught that day! If only I had been aboard to be the voice of reason for these two! Luckily, they still ended up with at least 15 pounds of fish fillets. Jenifer caught a total of three halibut and chose to keep this one.
 Jenifer caught the only Pacific cod of the day! It weighed around 10 pounds. She did keep this one.
 Greg caught a total of eight halibut and kept two. Here he is with a sculpin he caught. They both caught several of these fish as well as a few Irish Lords.
 They did have a great time and all 22 passengers aboard the Sizzler caught their limit. Next time, they decided they would charter for an all day trip that allows them to catch halibut and other species.

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