Alaska's Winter Horizon

Alaska's Winter Horizon

Monday, April 20, 2015

Spring Snow

Yesterday was a cool and windy day here in Anchorage. My friend, Doris, and I got out to do a little shopping.
The flag near Dimond Center was flying in the breeze and looked so pretty with those mountains as a backdrop.
 Today, however, it was cold and snowy. It snowed pretty much on and off all day. At times, huge fluffy snowflakes just floated down hitting the ground with a splat.
 Other times, small icy flakes rained down with a vengeance.
 It was beautiful to watch. I loved it!
 Greg wasn't so fond of this spring snow.
Here is Mr. Ready for Spring walking home from work. It was snowing so hard that I couldn't find him at times.
 As you can tell, all the snow melted as it hit the pavement.
 It did cover the brown grass with a white blanket for a bit. That has pretty much melted now. We haven't seen much snowfall this season. At one point, this year was in the lead for the least snow recorded in a season. I doubt today's precipitation did much to boost the level. Sure was pretty to watch!

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