Alaska's Winter Horizon

Alaska's Winter Horizon

Sunday, August 11, 2013

On the road to Valdez

We left Anchorage about 6 pm Friday night for a trip to Valdez. Since I was gone most of June and July, this is actually the first vacation Greg and I have taken this summer. We stopped in Palmer to get a bite to eat and get snacks for the journey. After eating and shopping we were back on the road. We pulled over at a few scenic overlooks to enjoy the views.
 There are some beautiful vistas between Palmer and Glennallen.
 Further up the road, we happened upon this impressive bull moose.
He was just feeding on some vegetation along the roadside.

 He may be tempting fate as hunting season is upon us.

We made it to our lodgings for the night just after 10 o'clock. We enjoyed staying at the Nelchina Lodge. This place is not the Ritz Carlton, but the rooms are clean, the staff is incredibly nice, and it is about half the price of any other lodge in the area. Bonus...they even had magazines in the room! We woke up rested and ready to continue our adventure.

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