Alaska's Winter Horizon

Alaska's Winter Horizon

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Seward Birthday Trip Day 2

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Woke up to a beautiful start to our Saturday morning. It was sunny and the temps in the upper 30s. The winds were relatively calm. After a quick breakfast, we grabbed our gear and set off on the short walk to the beach.
We found a gorgeous place to fish and Greg began to get the new gear ready.
We set about how to properly use these spin cast combos and possibly catch a few fish. It took awhile just to get used to trying to reel in left-handed as most all the reels we've previously were closed faced (meaning the line is hidden within the reel) and you reel with your right hand. Greg said I was doing really well with my new Lady Shakespeare that he got for me a couple of days ago.
 He even tried to say this was part of my birthday present. Well, that and my Alaska sports fishing license! There better be more presents! I'm sure he was only kidding.
We fished in the pretty spot for a bit but only caught seaweed so we moved down the beach. After fishing for more than 3 hours we were fairly comfortable with the new gear but alas, not a single bite.
 It was really hard work as you can tell by this picture.
We eventually decided to go have a bite of lunch and plan our new fishing strategy.

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