Alaska's Winter Horizon

Alaska's Winter Horizon

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Sunday, October 14

This past Friday night, we grilled out hamburgers, bratwursts, and hot dogs on our new grill. It was our anniversary present to each other. How romantic is that?! But we had really missed grilling so it was a sincere gift. We had a great feast and afterwards I had to unfortunately work on Master's classwork. It was a little after 10 and Greg had gone out onto the balcony. I was getting ready for bed when he came rushing back in to tell me to come look at the Northern Lights.

 When I made my way out there, a beautiful sky of green dancing ribbons awaited me.
 We were both surprised at their intensity as we had never seen the Northern Lights downtown before.

 As they traveled across the sky and seemed to have diminished, I decided to get out of the cold and go to bed. Greg, on the other hand, was more vigilant and came in to wake me up several times insisting I come back out and look at them now.

It was quite a display.

 Our pictures do not do the aurora justice.

It is hard to capture their brilliance while the city's lights blaze intently and interfere with the photo.

Our local newspaper has some awesome reader photos if you want to check them out at You may have to search under reader submitted photos or it was entitled Aurora over Anchorage. It was quite an unexpected and magical night especially since the aurora forecast was very low for the night!

On Saturday, we woke to a chilly day and our friend/nemesis- the snow- was back!

 It started out as really light but gradually began to build up to big, fat, fluffy snowflakes.
 We probably got about an inch of snow here and by Sunday afternoon it had all melted away.
But stay tuned, because there is more in the forecast. It will soon cover the ground and not leave until spring!

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  1. Those were some awesome photos!