Alaska's Winter Horizon

Alaska's Winter Horizon

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Wednesday, May 9th

Although today started with a little rain, it turned out to be quite a nice afternoon. I can't remember the last time I'd seen rain. I'd gotten used to watching the frozen precipitation! The small shower didn't last long, hardly enough to settle the dust. It did seem to make the grass a bit greener. As you can tell in these pictures from the park strip, the grass still has a bit of brown in it.
Thanks for all my birthday wishes. It was great! We walked over to 5th Avenue Mall and did a bit of window shopping. For my birthday dinner I wanted Chinese food. We left there way too full so we walked on over to City Market. The night was just right. We had on light jackets and it felt so nice. Unfortunately, our skies were cloudy so we couldn't view the supermoon.
I'm having to do a bit of physical therapy on my shoulder. Looks like my reign as Wii tennis champ is over for awhile. I called Greg when I left the physical therapy office tonight and he met me at Gumbo House for dinner. I had a delightful shrimp po'boy sandwich. Yum. As we walked home along the park strip, we noticed a ballgame being played. The mountains behind this field are gorgeous! It really does look like a painting in the background. They can probably play until late even without lights because it doesn't get dark until around 11.
We are leaving for my annual birthday trip to Seward this Friday. Couldn't go last weekend on the actual birthday because I was taking finals in my master's classes. Thank goodness that is over for the summer. Hopefully, I got A's in all three classes. Now I will be able to enjoy the trip to the quaint seaside town of Seward. We should get some nice photos of the beach and maybe even Exit Glacier. Can't wait!

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