Alaska's Winter Horizon

Alaska's Winter Horizon

Monday, October 10, 2011

Anniversary Trip Oct. 2011

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Friday afternoon we both rushed home from work to finishing packing our bags for a 3 day weekend. We loaded the car and got out of Anchorage at about 5:30 and headed toward Homer. The Seward Highway was beautiful as always with snow now capping most of the mountains along Cook Inlet. Just on the other side of Turnagain Pass there was even snow along the shoulders of the road. On some of the scenic pull-off spots, you could tell the parking area must have been scraped because the snow was pushed along the edges of the pavement. We even saw a few snowflakes in between raindrops on this part of the trip. About 8:30 we stopped in a local restaurant in Soldotna for a bite to eat. We took our time and rolled through the rain getting to Homer about 11:30. We did make the best of our Lands Ends Resort coupons and opted for one of their luxury beachfront townhouses. It was an excellent choice! Our 2 story townhouse was beautiful and right on the beach. We walked right off the deck onto the rocky shore. Both being a bit tired we soon called it a night. Got up early Saturday morning and enjoyed a nice complementary breakfast! We then drove into town and stopped at the farmers' market. Picked up a few items for dinner and then hit a few shops. There is a really nice bookstore in town that sells new books and we browsed for quite a bit. We also stopped at the used bookstore in the Mermaid B&B. Greg got a book here. This place was literally packed on 2 floors with used books. My kinda place! We could have stayed here for hours. Bishop's Beach was so close we decided to spend awhile strolling on its shores. We walked along the beach and I took a few shots of some wading birds. These are probably sandpipers, but Greg hasn't had time to identify them for sure. They seemed to be enjoying their stroll as well! After a little while, we noticed a majestic bald eagle perched atop a tree on the beach. I had to get busy on college stuff so we headed back to the beach house for lunch featuring our farmers' market fresh veggies.

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