Alaska's Winter Horizon

Alaska's Winter Horizon

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Labor Day weekend, part 2

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Our next stop along the highway was the town of Nenana.
This town is well-known for the annual Nenana Ice Classic. This traditional guessing game originated in 1917 by railroad workers during the harsh winters. They began to bet when the river would thaw and boats would be able to reach them with supplies. This betting game morphed into the annual Ice Classic where anyone can buy a ticket and try to guess the closest time when a striped tripod placed on the river will fall as the ice weakens. This is a huge event since Alaska has no lottery. The jackpot has been over $300,000 dollars. Here is one of the famous striped tripods waiting to be placed on the frozen river in a few months. Nenana is also famous because it was at this point in 1925 when diphtheria antitoxin was taken from the railroad cars that brought it up from Anchorage. From this small town, dog sleds carried the antitoxin on to Nome. The town is located in the junction of the Nenana and Tanana Rivers. About 400 people call this town home. Nenana was originally home to Athabascan Natives. Nearly half the town's current residents are of Athabascan descent. Greg, Doris, and I wandered around this quaint town a bit before heading on.

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