Alaska's Winter Horizon

Alaska's Winter Horizon

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

March 8, 2011

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Got up Saturday morning to watch the ceremonial start of the Iditarod. The course ran right beside our apartment. Greg got a few pictures of some of the racers, including defending champion Lance Mackey. He has won this race for the last 4 years in a row. We'll see if he makes history by becoming the first person to win 5 consecutive times. Greg spent the afternoon cooking his famous chicken and dumplings for our dinner guests. SBFs Mindy and Paul came by after watching the Running of the Reindeer. Mindy's cousin, Hunter, was one of the runners in this event. Here he is, wearing #57, and running for his life from those beasts of fury! This is Alaska's light-hearted answer to the Running of the Bulls. Luckily, no one usually gets gored or seriously hurt. We enjoyed our delightful dinner and introduced Mindy and Paul to some of our British comedy DVDs. They didn't seem too knocked out by the Britains, but Jacque joined us and we watched a few episodes and laughed for hours!

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