Alaska's Winter Horizon

Alaska's Winter Horizon

Monday, October 18, 2010

Homer Trip, Part 2

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As we made our way on toward Homer, we took a slight detour to check out a Russian Orthodox Church. This beautiful older church was perched atop a mountain ridge surrounded by a white picket fence. The community of Seldovia, across the bay from Homer, was an early Russian settlement. We hope to charter the boat across to check it out next time we visit this area. In the meantime, visiting this neat church will have to do. Upon entering the city limits of Homer, we stopped at an overlook of Kachemak Bay and the city of Homer. This was breathtaking- the views were phenomenal. We tore ourselves away from the views and headed on into town to find a room. We drove down the Homer spit. The spit is a narrow 4.5 mile piece of land that juts out into the bay. During tourist season, the spit is packed with visitors and traffic clogs the single road down the spit. There are a multitude of shops and restaurants lining the shore. Today, however, there were very few people and most shops were closed for the season. Ahh, just as we like it. We decided to stay at the Lands' End Resort. This is the very last thing at the tip of the land- hence the name- Lands' End. The room was tiny and Greg swore he had seen larger walk-in closets. But to its credit, it had a balcony with awesome views of the snow-covered mountains and the beautiful bay. After dropping off our luggage we hit the beach. Greg picked up shells for the nieces while I looked for sea glass. As we continued along, we found several interesting things including dead squid, jellyfish, a string of mollusks, and many ravens and gulls with relentless appetites. Upon passing the squid, Greg picked up a large amount of string. He said we needed a soda can pull tab. I just happened to be standing by one so he took his multi-tool and fashioned a hook from the pull tab. He tied it on the string and then proceeded to tear off a piece of the dead squid (gross!!!). After throwing the bait in the water, it took him just 8 minutes to catch a small halibut. What a survivalist! He did throw the halibut back and we finished up our walk on the rocky shore. To top this great day off, we drove into town and had a delightful dinner at Crabbies. At the request of the neighboring table, the restaurant even put on a small laser light show- well, homemade and low tech laser light show- but amusing and entertaining all the same.

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  1. Okay, you are right. Homer looks pretty awesome!