Alaska's Winter Horizon

Alaska's Winter Horizon

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

September 15, 2010

My class went on a field trip today to Campbell Creek Science Center. It was a blast! The weather was foggy and quite chilly as we visited the creek. We searched the stream rocks for different types of insects. We did various educational activities to learn more about water.

Greg prepared dinner for us tonight. He made spaghetti using moose meat given to us by SBF Mindy. This was the first time I had eaten the ground moose meat. It has a really good taste and is very lean. Tastes a little different from ground beef, but is still excellent. This photo is of moose round steak which we will enjoy for dinner another night. I bet it will also be delicious.

Overall, it has been very quiet lately. We haven't been able to do much because of Greg's leg injury. This weekend there was excitement near us at the Dena'ina Center. Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin held a speaking engagement on Saturday. This made for a circus-like atmosphere in our neighborhood. There was a huge crowd, lined up several people thick, all the way around the building. This line wrapped around a city block several times. To add to that, there were protesters on every street corner near the center. Hopefully, Greg will be healed enough for us to get out and about this weekend.

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