Alaska's Winter Horizon

Alaska's Winter Horizon

Monday, August 16, 2010

Sunday, August 17th

We had quite the busy weekend. Saturday we spent most of the day working in my classroom trying to get ready for the students' first day. Today we spent a delightful day with one of our dear friend's mom and aunt . George has been Greg's best friend since the eighth grade. His mom, Alita, and Aunt Eleanor were in town on the last day of a tour of Alaska. We met them at their hotel and walked across the street to the weekend market. They picked up a few souvenirs and browsed the many booths. Birch syrup was sampled by all of us. This syrup is made in a way similar to maple syrup. They tap the trees and boil the sap until it is sweet and thick. Aunt Eleanor bought a birch burl bowl. It was called the Knotty Puffin as it resembled the puffin bird. There are lots of interesting and unusual things at this crafty market. We left this and walked to the Manhattan Deli for lunch. The lunch was really nice. We each got a different dish and sampled from each other's plates. Yummy. Thanks Alita for lunch! We visited the Public Information Center to view all the wonderful exhibits and look at the many animals on display. We then rode the trolley down to Ship Creek and watched the many anglers in the water. Several fishermen caught salmon while we were there. From the pier, we could see quite a few salmon swimming in the stream. We then took a bus tour of the Port of Anchorage. Greg was keen on this when he heard they offered free hot dogs! This is a neat tour they have on Sundays to show how the port operates and the various projects in the works. We watched some container ships being loaded. These are some gigantic ships. One interesting fact we learned was that about 80% of the containers being shipped back to the lower states were empty. We basically have no industry here and the oil is shipped from Valdez. As it was getting close to departure for the ladies, we went back to their hotel for coffee and conversation. Thanks Aunt Eleanor for the coffee! We left as they were to catch their bus for the airport and headed home after a great day.

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